Getting into iceacream...

...really into it.
You may notice that our recent posts have a food theme. That seems to be the issue at hand these days.
In the past, QQ has taken the odd lick or two from my icecream bars, and the time previous to this, she actually took the bar from me and held it by it's stick. I thought that was big progress. But on this day, she actually took the bar from me by force and walked off with it. This was what followed.

Wiping it across the fridge for good measure.
She also wiped it across the stove, the dishwasher, and several times across the back and shoulders of my shirt. But I just let her go. Might as well enjoy herself - the therapists counseled us to make eating "fun". The cleanup was worth it.
Looks to me like she's having fun, what do you think?

Feeding the occasional lick to the dog before digging back in. Yeah...I'm a dog-kisser (and I also let my dog have licks from my icecream), so I just let her do it. She's already learned the habit from her mommy. This kind of sharing has cemented the friendship between my (very spoiled) dog and the QQ, so I don't feel guilty.

In the end, she decided that she needed to sit down and focus on her icecream. This also is an interesting development, since she rarely sits voluntarily. She's an active kid.
I was trying to document the havoc that she wreaked upon my clothing with the icecream...although most of the damage was to the back of my shirt, so you can only see a few smudges on the front.


Yoli said...

That Q had a blast with the icecream. Sammy I am sure is thrilled.

Vivian M said...

LOVE it! Especially the ice cream face. And sharing with Sammy!

kerri said...

LOVE it!!
Wonderful to see QQ enjoying ice cream and love how she shared with the dog.
Our girls always shared with our Jack, drool and all.. :)

Carrie said...

Yes we let our Dogs kiss us. But we have a English Mastiff so if you don't let her, she will just lick you anyways!

That ice cream looked good too!

M@rgriet said...

Sharing is good... And I love my dog, but sorry, I will NOT share my ice cream with my dog. Have you never seen where that tongue goes???
QQ looks great in whatever she eats :-)

fourlittlehawks said...

Thank God someone else eats after their dog!
With that said:
I can't believe how tall your little one is getting! You are going to have to rename your blog "The Life and Times of Stretch McGee"!

~ Jen