Spring has sprung

And QQ is wearing another wonderful outfit from Maryellen and Sophie.

She loves her apple juice. So much so that she wants to lick the box.

We took advantage of an unseasonably warm morning to take a walk to our local coffeeshop.
QQ still loves to wear her monkey!

And after some small protest, she even wore the hat...at least for the first half of the walk, before losing her tolerance and tearing it off.
She really does look good in hats.

Enjoying her daddy-ride.

I don't even know what this expression was all about, but it cracks me up. And look at her tail!
Waiting outside Sunflower market for daddy to get some juice.

Greeting our local baristas. This is one of the many places where QQ has a level of celebrity. Everyone knows her name, and comes out to say hello when she walks in the door.
Did you notice that she and daddy have matching shoes?


Virginia and Doug said...

I love these pictures...and I have to find that shirt that QQ has on!

Gin =)

Vivian M said...

Cool shoes! And the monkey....adorable!
Too bad she does not like wearing hats for too long, because she really does look great in them!

A Beautiful Mess said...

QQ is once cute little munchkin!

Virginia you can get QQ's cool tee at trendytadpole.com they are having a sale:)

I love that tee so much that i was a little sad to send it off....but I just had to pick up another one in a bigger size for soph! Now if I could only find those jeans again.....

A Beautiful Mess said...

sorry here is the correct link