playing dress-up

Oh, yeah. She now even has the occasional moment where she tosses on a hat just to look at herself in the full-length mirror.
Do you see a bit of fashion flare here?
You don't often see the QQ in a dress, but this one, again, is from Maryellen and her beautiful daughter Sophie, and we just couldn't resist this morning. She's been wearing it all day...we just thew a pair of pants on underneath to go outside.
It's a lovely color on her, isn't it?

Beautiful girl. The nose tubes are still in (amazingly...I really thought she's yank them out) but most of the scabbing and glue is gone.

Another new hat game: peek-a-boo.

Here, she's trying it on the dog who, I must say, was a lot less impressed than mommy.

Playing with the tiny board books that LaoLao brought her.

Here's an interesting scene that I came upon while putting away toys this morning.
Not sure what's going on here, but it looks suspicious.
Grabbing her bag and trying to drag mommy out for a grocery run, it seems.
Playing with her word bus.

Who says a girl can't wear a dress and operate heavy machinery?
All par for the course in Q's world.

Why is she showing me her foot?
Because she has a new "tattoo".
Heading out on the town with daddy. Since she has grown three inches in the past four months, she now fits perfectly into the gorgeous wool dress-coat that Yoli gave her for Christmas.
What a stunner.
These are her last days to fit into her original squeaky shoes from China, I'm afraid. Fortunately, Maryellen's squeaky sandals came just in time to take their place.


Lost and Found said...

Love the red coat and she looks very demure in her dress until she lifts her leg to climb on the truck. I like her in everything.

A Beautiful Mess said...

Looove that red coat! Yoli may need to link us to that cute find!

I love that little H&M dress. Your girl can work a wrap dress:)

Yoli said...

Oh my goodness how distinguished! She looks so beautiful, so grown up! She is just too much, love the tatto!

louise said...

My little Nelly has that exact same dress! looks adorable in it and then I scrolled down as she also has a very similar wool frock coat knitted by a friend in brown with a velvet ribbon!

Qu Qu is looking more an more beatiful each day - it is amazing how they grow and change every day ...

Vivian M said...

Great tattoo and even greater coat! QQ does look taller. What size shoe is she now wearing?

Virginia and Doug said...

I like that girls style! Dresses with trucks, snazzy hats, fancy red coats and tattoos.

Gin =)