Icecream and friends

When the mood strikes, we can definitely pack a lot into a day. After the zoo (and after a nap), we headed down to Broadway to meet some friends at a new icecream joint that recently opened there.
It did not disappoint. The colors, patterns and modern interior were perfect for the warm slant of the late aftenoon sun on a lazy day off.

It was QQ's first time meeting Donna and Mark. She was particularly enthralled with the plain white paper fan that Donna brought along.

M. pointed out to me this morning that QQ gets particularly cute when she's in an especially good mood. I'd never noticed it before, but I think he's right. She's not a very moody person, but when her happiness reaches a certain level, her cuteness reaches a sort of critical mass.
In these photos, you can see her shining with the lovely family day we had. She radiates with it.
Being held by Donna.
Of course, the outfit doesn't hurt. She's wearing a pair of Matilda Jane pants that were a Christmas gift from family, and a sunflower top that was a gift quite some time ago from Yoli, and which only now fits her just in time for the warm spring weather.
Here, you can see her nose tubes which, after her checkup, will remain in for another week or so (at least, that's the plan). Now that the weather has turned balmy, you can also see her lovely little arm muscles. She's such a tight little package. Maggie recently commented about her daughter's "baby abs sixpack", and QQ definitely shares that rare asset. Her abs are tighter than a Hollywood personal trainer's. Every time I see her flat little bare tummy and her toothpick waist, it makes me want to fatten her up. I guess that's my new mommy-sense. She's fine, obviously. She eats well. She just has the metabolism of a greyhound.

We've visited some really good independent icecream shops in the past year or two - Denver seems to have a concentration of good ones. This one did not disappoint. My ginger cone was light, translucent and delicious. Donna and Mark seemed to enjoy theirs as well.

Can you tell that Daddy loves his Q?

QQ's little heart went out to this dog who was left outside on the sidewalk while its owner enjoyed a cone with his kids.
Mark, much like M., is a bit of a baby-whisperer, and QQ enjoyed his company a great deal.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

It has been a while since dropping by... my, you aren't wrong about mass cuteness... oh she is a doll. I love that photo of her with her arms twisted in front of her. Oh how this little munchkin has blossomed...

sarahthefantastic said...

I love that she always spots the great stuff, even at one! A paper fan is another excellent choice. Is she eating ice cream too? Soon you'll have nothing left to teach her. : )

Snowflowers Mum said...

she is a charmer thats for sure, and I love her outfit...Piper has the same pants...in 18m! Good thing about MJ, you can wear them for years!

Melissa said...

We bought those exact same MJ pants for our future daughter. QQ looks adorable in them!

Cavatica said...

I knew it! QQ has the sixpack abs. BB and she are so much alike physically. In some other ways too. Maybe it comes from a lot of comfort with the body. I mean, hers works for her, does what she expects. She's athletic already. Not necessarily skilled, but the body and inate part is there. It is fun to watch her.

And now I'm off to look at Matilda Jane clothes. :-)

Lost and Found said...

Love the outfit! Everyone girl should have some MJ clothes. E has the same pants! QQ is so precious. I love seeing her personality emerge even more.

Vivian M said...

QQ looks ready for Spring in that beautiful outfit! Kerri used to have the same flat tummy too. I have a feeling that QQ will start filling in a little once she is 100% on solid foods.

Deirdre said...

Oh the outfit! It's too much. Nora is covetous, and so is her mama.