The bloom that was

Well, you saw the pictures of our blizzard. Here are the photos of what our fair city looked like before those two feet of snow fell.
Our white bloom is the early bloom, and most years these trees are snowed out almost immediately - within 24 hours of first blossoming. This year we got almost a week of white bloom before the blizzard hit - an embarrassment of riches!
Fortunately, I grabbed the opportunity and took about a zillion pictures while I had the chance.
I have to admit, I'm not sure whether the pink bloom has been destroyed as well in this resurgance of winter (after melting off, it snowed again last night, and may tomorrow). We generally do get quite a few storms in March, but typically they are warm, heavy wet snows that melt almost immediately. This year's March blizzard came late, and was particularly harsh. The white blossoms were turned to crumpled little wads of parchment yellow on their branches, while those few pink that bloomed already were burned black with the deep freeze. Daffodils and tulips that had begun to bloom were crumpled and singed under the heavy blanket of snow, which lasted almost two days before it began to melt. So it will be interesting to see what makes a comeback, and what doesn't. I really hope for that pink bloom of Denver's prolific crabapples in a week or so...I look forward to it every year, and would miss it terribly if it didn't happen.


Yoli said...

These are so lovely. When are you opening an Etsy shop of your photography?

Vivian M said...

I hope the blooms make a comeback!