Our new home-away-from-home

Last week on our "family day" we decided to get urban, and hit the new contemporary art museum, MCA Denver, which is located in a particularly trendy loft area that inhabits Denver's old train yards.
We are long overdue in visiting the new location, especially after our considerable excitement during its construction. And I have to tell you that, after our first visit, I was almost reluctant to post about this amazing space and "let the secret out". Granted, we have our "weekends" in the middle of the week, which means most of the public spaces we visit are less crowded. But on this particular grey Thursday afternoon in mid-March, we had the entire museum practically to ourselves. I think we passed maybe two other people during the visit. Built like a particularly sleek modern dwelling that you might find in, say, Dwell magazine, the place felt like our new second home, LoDo style. Besides the collections themselves, the building is riddled with unexpected spaces in which to lounge, contemplate, study, peruse, construct, or just enjoy the amazing architecture and the wonderful views out over the city.
Upon purchasing our family membership, I could instantly picture us coming down here of a morning or afternoon to read art magazines, spread out the NY Times and a double espresso on a table in the roof gardens, or set up photo shoots with the QQ. As a second home, it's quite the dream house!

The "open shelf library" (TM) where you can sit down at a brand new iMac and peruse the museum's archives, pull a book from their collection of art publications, or peruse the shelves of vintage toys and other oddities.

QQ, a fan of bright colors, very much enjoyed the collections - more than I'd expected her to, actually.

The space is also full of wonderful and unexpected windows offering vertiginous views out over the city, skylights, glass walkways and strategically placed mirrors....
...and you know how QQ loves her mirrors!

I was particularly fond of the wallpaper in this room.

As for the roof gardens...this was where my soul really opened up and breathed a sigh of utter contentment.
Xeriscaped planters set at odd angles to the sky.

Little alcoves set with modern seating arrangements (all these with spectacular views of Denver's rooftops).
Wonderful outdoor corridors.

And all this we had entirely to ourselves!

A view out over one of my personal favorite warehouse areas.

The corridors and walkways were ideal for QQ's new favorite game, "I'm gonna getcha!" In which she runs squealing for protection to either mommy or daddy's knees, while the other parent chases her. She doesn't mind who plays which role, as long as one chases, and one offers safe harbor.

Checking out the xeriscaping.

We could not have been happier had this building been constructed specifically for us.
What a great place for a cocktail party (and I'm sure you can rent it out, but honestly, we preferred having it as our personal playground!)

The upper-level lounge area, filled with beanbag seating and racks of art magazines....
...and set off, naturally, by another fabulous view.
QQ studying up on contemporary art.

A hall of beanbags? Sheer genius.

Just below is a creative space for the youngsters, complete with thoroughly modern seating and materials with which to experiment.
A wonderful creative space.

QQ contemplating a blank page. Can't wait to see how her creativity comes to fruition!
I just got our membership card in the mail and am looking forward to a summer of modern art!


Cavatica said...

Oh the fun you're going to keep having there! Love the chasing scenes. Who doesn't love a good game of chase?

Vivian M said...

When did QQ learn to run?!! Wow!

I love the bean bag chairs, and the architecture of the building is wonderful. I can so see you guys living in a building like that!

Beeb said...

I love that place! Went to the opening of the room full of prints - love them all, but particularly the ones of the people of China's countryside. It's an amazing place.

mncfi said...

I love the picture where you are holding her and she is looking up into the camera. Those eyes! She is just how I always imagined Scheherazade to look.
~ Fi