Party day

We had a lovely Saturday yesterday which began with us bundling up (March definitely has been going out like a lion this year) and heading to our favorite neighborhood resale store (My Crib on 44th) to find some birthday delights for Q's buddy Esme.
It's a terrific store and I always find treasures there. This weekend, they were particularly well-stocked. I let QQ approve my toy choices for Esme (I also got her the last of the monkey suits like the one Q has, since she has gotten so much milage out of hers!) But when she saw this xylophone, her eyes instantly lit up.
Q just gravitates toward anything musical, and I knew this one was going to have to come home with us. I could barely tear her away from it in time to head to Esme's party.
Once there, however, she was glad she'd come. Es (or The Edge, as they call her) has quite the playroom.

And quite the set of friends and family.

Q enjoys sitting in grownup chairs these days, but if you put her in a highchair, she will ask to be buckled in. She's unsafe at any speed, and at least she's aware of that fact.
Edge's dad was sporting quit the headgear...but QQ quickly convinced him to take it off. Counts as a disguise, in her book.
Jen and Jae, who made us those wonderful interactive maps for our trip to San Francisco, happened to be in town for the weekend.
I like Esme's puppet tree...a brilliant idea.

Playing trains with Jen.
The birthday girl.
QQ loves balls - any ball pertaining to any sport will do.

Look at our girl, almost up to Esme in height, and five months her junior! When she came home, she wasn't even in Edge's ballpark. She's a beansprout, our Q.

Playing ball with Esme's cousin Udo. It was their first (belated) meeting, and they got along great.

Playing at Edge's awesome wooden kitchen.
Face time with Jae.
This is my favorite picture of Esme. You know what I love about her? She refers to herself as "Edgy". When she wants to be picked up, she says "Edgy!" and pats her chest with both hands.

QQ likes to share. She reeeeeeally likes to share. Sometime she rather forces her sharing on people who might actually prefer to be doing something else.
She also insists that everything she shares be "shared" back and forth, preferably a few times. I think it's her way of getting to know people. I love that she loves to share. I recognize that it's a phase, and that there's likely to be a possessive phase coming along sometime soon...but I'm happy that her "sharing" phase has lasted so long!

The newest addition to the group. So tiny! We never had Q when she was this small, so it always amazes me.
This is a great play table. I probably need to find Q one of these. You can't see it, but Q is wearing a Beatles shirt under her dress...cause that's how she rolls!

She's into baskets as well as bags, and likes to sling them over an arm and parade around. Do you love her little red Cons? Like Daddy, like Q.
Esme already knows how to drink from a cup without spilling, which impresses me no end. I need to work on that one.
Jena's piggie cake.
Getting excited for her birthday song!

QQ did not want cake. She does not have a sweet tooth (outside of eating her mom's dark chocolate, which is sadly just plain imitation, and maybe an icecream bar once a month or so). She stated quite unequivocally that she did NOT want any cake or icing. She did, however, demand two plates. And this is what she had in mind to do with them.
Don't ask me, I have no idea. Probably just going for applause. I'm just glad she didn't have cake on them.
Serving the kiddos.
Jena and her beautiful mother.
I think the cake was a hit.
Jena is hidden behind the lens almost as often as I am...which is saying something.
QQ discovered the gifts, and wanted to open some of them. Badly.

Hanging out with Gina.

Jae and Jen.
Beautiful light.

QQ likes to play with other kids, even when those kids don't necessarily want to play with her. She's very difficult to discourage. She really can't imagine that anyone wouldn't want to be graced with her presence. Like I said, very self-confident kid.

Viewmasters are really timeless, aren't they? Who doesn't love a viewmaster.

QQ trying to communicate what she needs this friend to do for her. Look how intent she is. "Look into my eyes, and watch closely - I'm sure you can see what I'm trying to tell you."

Karen sharing the couch with a brood of very content kiddies.
I think Udo had had a bit too much punch at this stage.

The colors...the colors! Much as I used to dislike the color pink, I've had to conceed that QQ is a pink-and-red girl. Pink and red together are her best colors, no doubt about it.

It was a good, long, and fun-filled evening, and QQ was so tired by the time we piled in the car that she didn't know what to do with herself.


Carrie said...

what fun! I love your frineds short hair-do. I would love to cut my hair but my husband would cry so I don't. I can get about to the shoulders and he whines so I stop!LOL!

sarahthefantastic said...

Yep! The colours are her! What a lovely day you had.

Yoli said...

I love how you captured all the colors. She looks so sweet in that little dress and sneakers.