Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

We met up with the cousins, aunts and uncles again today at the zoo. It was a spectacularly warm and sunny day with the flowers bursting into bloom in the trees, and QQ got a chance to resume her friendship with her cousin Sam. I think both of them were glad to see one another again.
Saying hello to the twins in their trolley.
Aunt Lisa's twins...taller by the day.
The whole family, strolling in the March sun.
Lisa watching over the cousins.

The Q holding hands with her aunt Kay and cousin Sam.
This is my fault, and I admit it. I have innured Q to geese and ducks of all varieties. She has fed them. She has been surrounded by them. She has even had her little fingers snapped by them. She has no fear. At all. So when she saw geese loose at the zoo...just ambling along at a leisurely speed, she went after them. Many a time, she's heard daddy tell mommy, "If you can catch them, you can keep them." It's usually an empty threat, because mommy can't catch much of anything. But Q took it to heart...she saw her chance, and she was gonna catch that goose. Even when it turned on her, opened its wings and started hissing...she had no fear. She was ready to take that goose on, mano a mano.

Our little family.
Watching the monkeys.
Hand in hand with her cousin once again.
Sam wanted to show QQ how to climb into a cave. QQ was a little trepidatious in this situation, but after a few false tries...
...she gritted her teeth and went for it!
Are you as tall as a penguin?
Looks like QQ is still not quite as tall as a penguin, but Sam is finally tall enough to take one of the rides at Disenyland, and very, very proud.
It was a good day for bears. Bears sunning themselves.

A stop in the shade for lunch.
QQ eating animal crackers...sort of.
My husband with our daughter. Isn't he a hottie? He's got this whole Arthur Miller thing going on...makes me weak in the knees.
These early-blooming trees are usually snuffed out quickly by a spring snowstorm, but our exceptionally mild winter has given them the chance to show their colors.
Even the grizzlies were in a playful frame of mind.
M's cousin John skipping down the path with his youngest.
Abby (finally back on her feet) and Q.
Three cousins, enjoying the weather.

Watching orangutans.

The whole family...or almost.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun day. She is so waddler like- no longer a baby. Ah, they grow so fast.

Cavatica said...

"Geese! Watch out... there's a QQ on the loose." --- I fear for those geese. They don't have a chance.

Yoli said...

What a great way to celebrate the first day of spring. Beautiful pictures and happy times. Your Mr.Miller looked so cute and you and the Q, pure models.

You are a duck girl and I am a bear girl. I simply adore bears, so glad to see such adorable specimens!

Vivian M said...

What a fun day!