Contemplating breakfast

Just to show that we are actually following through, with almost ritualistic fervor, on our new commitment to sit-down meals. QQ's breakfast (and mine) on this day featured buttered toast soldiers (a really good and light sesame peasant loaf that M. brought home), a medley of half-frozen tropical fruit niblets (mango, pineapple, papaya, strawberry), walnut-cinnamon coffee cake, and a couple of tiny niblets of bitter chocolate (which she insists on...this is my comeuppance in life! Oh, the humanity.)
While this may sound like a tempting breakfast (it did to me!) QQ was not entirely convinced.
As you can see by the telltale smudge on her chin, she did chow down on the dark chocolate, though she only consented to lick the fruit, coffee cake and buttered toast. Sigh.
I also allowed her to have her morning fresh-pressed apple juice, which she did indulge in. Meanwhile, I consumed all three slices of coffee cake that you see on my plate. Seems like this new ritual may add a few pounds to me, even if it doesn't do much for QQ.
btw, the Kombucha? M. thinks it's filthy. He calles it "festering" and wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole. Mommy, on the other hand, could easily go through three bottles a day.
Since she sees it every morning, QQ now asks for the green Kombucha every time she sees the bottle. I don't let her have it, but it's a good demonstration of the power of peer pressure.
The tulips were to compensate for all the beautiful white flowers that were destroyed by our recent snowstorm. Plus, they were on sale at S@feway, and unusually affordable. And they really add to the ambiance of our new breakfast ritual, don't you think ?
I love her bedhead. Actually, I just love her...as I tell her on a regular basis.
Even if she just looks at my elaborately-conceived breakfast with a gimlet stare. We recently tried to figure out how many times a day, on average, we tell her that we love her. I think it's roughly five times an hour for those hours that she is actually awake. I think she's awake about 8 hours each day, so that makes forty times for each parent, so 80 times total, on average, per day.
That's a lot of love.


A Beautiful Mess said...

ahhh tulips...my favorite:)

sounds like a good breakfast to me!

Yoli said...

The house of love. Beautiful.

Vivian M said...

LOL, I can't believe you even have time to figure out how many times you tell her you love her! Me, I have Mommy brain and short term memory loss, so I just overcompensate and say it over and over just in case. ;o)
And the tulips are lovely! Just for you, I will try to make it to the tulip festival this year and take pictures.