The museum of Asian art

The pied piper of pigeons.

...and seagulls. In San Francisco they are gigantic, very white and very handsome.

The pigeons are rather handsome, too. I know, they're considered "winged rats" - we used to call them that in NYC, too. But I never could bring myself to dislike them.

Is this just the most stunningly beautiful head dress? The face on that deer! The detail!!
Lovely colors.
Luminous jade.

QQ finds a dog.
A hall of peaceful figures.
I adore this one. Isn't it spectacular?
An elephant, for Yoli ;)
A beautiful space.

Ink paintings.

Another wonderful space, and a very zen water sculpture.

I wish we had one of these at our house!

Though we have no photos, I also have to mention the lunch we had at the museum's "cafeteria", though that's far too pedantic a name for this wonderful little cookery. We almost didn't go in, thinking we could find a better and more authentic meal back in Japantown. But then it started to pour, the rain thundering on the skylights, and we decided to stay put. Lucky we did, because the Yaki Udon that I ordered was one of the most amazing, fresh and subtle combination of flavors I've ever had the good fortune to put in my mouth. Mike's Korean beef wasn't bad either. And the Indonesian lemongrass/hibiscus iced tea was the perfect compliment - an unexpected flavor, fragrant as blossoms but not sweet, with just the right amount of tartness.

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Vivian M said...

I love visiting your blog for QQ updates, but the additional bonus is that I get to experience such beauty through your eyes, photos and comments. I love the art, the museum and even the birds! Thank you for sharing this with us. And how cool you found an elephant for Yoli!