A gift day

QQ must have really liked the gift box she got in the mail today from sweet Maryellen...
...because she kissed the writing on the card. How sweet is that?
We both immediately took to this darling dress.
And Q immediately wanted to try on new squeaky sandals.
Just in time for spring, and a perfect fit!

Posing for mommy.

I let her unpack the box herself, so of course she tossed everything in the air, letting it fall where it would across the livingroom floor. This is her favorite way to enjoy new things.
But it's hard to get annoyed with that face.

I just love the little heart pocket.
Correctly identifying a duck amongst her many toy animals...the very first time she was asked to find one! She was so proud that she also signed "duck" as she held it out to me.
Trying to get mommy's attention behind the lens.
"Hey, Mommy! Are you in there? I'm going to need your undivided attention please."
Proceeding to identify a duck on the back of an alphabet book as well -and making mommy very proud once again.
Yup, that's a duck alright.

Isn't she lovely?
Loading her new clothes into a recycled bag.


A Beautiful Mess said...

Cute! She is getting sooo big! *sigh* to think that my little soph fit in that dress last year....

A Beautiful Mess said...

*smooches* right back at ya

Snowflowers Mum said...

sweet...so nice to get parcels dripping with love!

Vivian M said...

I love how she "bags" her own clothes! Kerri is still a bag lady. At any time there are at least 4 bags with her things in them. Wait until she discovers purses!
And the dress is lovely :o)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I see a duck obsession happening here... oh no...