A special post for all QQ fans everywhere

Tulips, to make up for the cruel return of winter.

QQ is almost 100% back to her comfort zone after healing from her second surgery. As she does following surgeries and recoveries, she has leaped into overdrive once regaining her strength. She's growing like a weed again, eating like a horse, and in the past three days she has suddenly begun to sign like a pro. She still signs "more" whenever she particularly wants something, and "duck" whenever we get near the lake. She has, out of the blue, added "all done", "fish" (particularly in relation to the DVD of Finding Nemo, which has recently supplanted Yo Gabba Gabba as her favorite), "drink" for juice, and "daddy"...which is a huge breakthrough for us, since she can and does use the word "mommy" but can't handle "daddy" verbally yet. The other night, she even attempted to sign "I love you" back to me at bedtime...which of course left me in a little puddle of joy on the floor. She has also, much to our relief, begun to give out actual kisses again - something that is curtailed, for a time, following each surgery.
In her sled that LaoLao got her, quite possibly before she was even born. I think this was the first gift we ever received for the Q.

Sporting Mommy's scarf - and doing a few stunts on her sled.
Wait, is that mommy's office in there?
I recognize what I see through this window!

Getting jaunty with her scarf.
She has a way with her personal style.

Getting into the drama of it all.
Something missing in this outfit...what could it be?
I know! My superhero helmet.
Something up my sleeve.
Hah! Didn't expect that, did you?
It's me!!!! QQ!!
Do I get a standing ovation? Or at least a smattering of applause?
Maybe you need to see it again...
OK, one more time. Though it's hard to see from under this thing.
Gonna have to take it off before I navigate this step...safety first!


Juliette said...

Never get enough of her...Thanks for the special fans post!
QQ gets bigger and lovelier every time I come here, such a delight.

Yoli said...

Precious!! I love the picture of her going for the door with the scarve trailing and her looking back. Just beautiful.

sarahthefantastic said...

She is just too funny. I can't wait until she can read all this for herself.

Jan said...

Bravo!! Beautiful QQ!! Growing soooo fast!!! Smart girl!! BTW, tulips are my favorite!! They're so pretty, but they can't top QQ!!

Maia said...

That's great about the signing! We still use it even now that FF is talking in sentences. It has made a huge difference in her ability to communicate with us. And I just love it on an aesthetic level as well!

Mamacita said...

Ahhhh, the old colander as a helmet trick....too cute!

Vivian M said...

Love the superhero helmet, it looks stunning on her along with that scarf. She really does look like she has gone through a growth spurt!

louise said...

truly gorgeous