An afternoon stroll

On a recent warm afternoon, before the latest return of winter, QQ and I went for a stroll around the neighborhood.
It was a beautiful day, and hot enough even this close to sunset that, when we came across a little girl in cowboy boots with a lemonade stand, we were thrilled.
I think I have waited for years for an excuse to stop at a lemonade stand on a street corner of a lazy afternoon. QQ was the perfect excuse!
I love this red house. Someday, maybe, a red house would be nice!


Ivy said...

Hi Maia,
I have been thinking of you and can't believe how big QQ is getting! She's so sweet and her lip and mouth look normal. Wow, what an amazing transistion. I knew she was spunky!!!

Thanks for staying in touch. I've been really busy and studying my love for photography. Not much time is allowed these days on blogging as you can imagine, but I don't want to loose touch with all my sweet friends.

Stop by anytime. I want to check out your new illustration. I love PW's blog!

Take care!


Natalie said...

I really love the old buildings in Denver too. So fun to go out and photograph them.