Feeding geese

I'm sorry to keep skipping back and forth in time, here - but I found this series and realized I'd never posted it at the time. It's too good to miss. This was a couple months ago, before her second surgery. It was her first time feeding the geese by herself. She insisted - I didn't encourage this. I mean, geese can be kind of scary. They're tall, muscular, and pushy, and they have very strong, slightly serrated bills. And yes, they do snap your fingers. Sometimes a little hard.
But QQ begged and squealed and squinched her face at me, so I figured if she thought she could handle it, who was I to say no? I just stayed close and watched. And yes, apparently, she WAS up to it.
Look how thrilled and tickled she was after a goose finally got bold enough to come in for a nibble!
She did in fact let them take the cracker from her fingers a few times, snaps and all. Didn't phase her. My camera just wasn't fast enough to capture it, because those geese are in and out fast when they go for the fingers.
She was in quite the ecstatic mood after that first goose feeding, as you can see. And there have been many, many since.
Now that she's signing like a pro, she starts signing "duck" about two blocks from the lake, already getting worked up for her goose and duck feeding.
And yes, that is a heart drawn on her hand. Like I said, we're besotted.


Vivian M said...

Wow she is brave and adventurous!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Just like her mum... a healthy duck/geese obsession happening... I am sure you are happy about that... lol...

I haven't been around for a while... things here have been crazy...

Carrie said...

I don't mind- I love pic's of the QQ!