First planting

The weather has finally mellowed, and those bulbs that were sheltered from the worst of the storm (those in the lee of the lion) have begun to bloom. I now have real red tulips.
M. and QQ have made a couple of gardening runs, bringing back rich, pungent fertilizer for the vegetable patches, and bright flowers for my flower boxes.
On the first really warm day, I dressed Q up in a hand-me-down Marimekko smock that I have been waiting impatiently to use.
Now, as you know, QQ lives off of the hand-me-downs of others - friends, sisters-in-law, people in the adoption community. But when it comes to handing baby clothing down from one generation to the next, results can be variable. Some things just disintegrate in the interim. Some are not viable by the time the next generation rolls around - either functionally or stylistically.
But Marimekko, the great Finnish textile and clothing design company, holds true. This smock is as sturdy as it was in the 60s, and as stylish.
QQ jazzes it it up with her usual selection of straw hats.
On the bottom left, you'll notice her signing "all done", meaning she's ready to get down off the stool I unwisely tried to pose her on. To those who ask how I get her to pose for photos...I don't. She's actually much better unposed. All these wonderful shots are simply the fruit of following her around every minute of the day with the camera. Someday, she will no doubt grow very, very annoyed with me. But I'll get away with it while I can!
Watering Daddy's vegetable sprouts, recently brought out into the sun.
Gosh, I love this little human being so unspeakably much. It's a little bit frightening.
In case you're wondering what she's doing, she's got a wooden bocce ball in the pocket of her smock. Mommy put it there earlier, and she's now having some trouble fishing it out.
Proudly showing off Daddy's haul of hardy flowers for the flowerboxes.
My family is good to me!
Look at that bright, shining, open face. There is nothing shy, withdrawn or surreptitious about this child. She is 100% open to the world.

Life is good.


Yoli said...

Spring and Q! Nothing goes more hand in hand than the earth awakening and a sweet dewy toddler.

A Beautiful Mess said...

she is getting so big ( sorry mom)

I am glad to see the snow is finally gone...knock on wood!

what type of shoes does the Q have on??

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Maryellen, they're actually water shoes - made by speedo or one of those swim companies. We got them at Target. They're great and fit like a glove and she loves to run around in them. SHe's unfortunately outgrowing shoes very fast right now, so I sometimes have to get creative.