The pinwheels were actually an exercise for her speech therapy, but they made such lovely props, I just couldn't resist another photoshoot!
...but then, what won't I use as an excuse to photograph the QQ?
She loves her beanbag chair, too.
And trying on Daddy's shoes...a favorite passtime. You can often hear her clunking around in them.


sarahthefantastic said...

You can just hear her in the third picture, "I pledge allegiance to apple dresses and all spiffy clothes with strong graphics and colours everywhere..."
She is pretty irresistable to shutterfingers and to blogging friends! None of us blame you in the least! xoxo...

Yoli said...

That little dress is too cute. I agree with all that Sarah the fantastic said!

Virginia and Doug said...

I just can't get enough of that girl! Love how you capture the movement in her pics..I can just see her flitting all around the house and around town at all of the fantastic places you guys always seem to end up.

Gin =)

Vivian M said...

Oh, that dress! And that chair! And that pinwheel! Happiness, indeed.