Oh, the burden of guilt!

OK, I have a guilty confession to make: I have finally reached the point of critical saturation with the generous gifts of clothing (both handed-down and new) that people have sent to QQ. I knew it would happen eventually, because I'm not very skilled when it comes to organization. I'm not one of those people who knows how to make lists and check them off, how to store and catalog data. For a while, I really could remember who gave us what item of clothing, because each box and each gift and each lovely note has meant so very, very much to me, and touched me so deeply. But finally, as seasons change and her growth spurts intensify, I have lost track.

Recently, with the (we hope!) onset of spring (and yet another inch of growth!) I went through and weeded out those things QQ has outgrown. I packed up and passed on what I could. And then I pulled a couple boxes out of the basement - boxes which contained clothing which had been much too big for her when we first received it.

Today, I am overwhelmed by the generosity of all those people who have sent beautiful things to out QQ, and have thus helped us enormously by offsetting the rafts upon rafts of medical bills that come with major surgeries. Vivian, Hayley, Maryellen, Juliette, Maia, Linda, Yoli, Ivy, Alana, Rebecca, Lisa, Chrissie, the grandmas, and so many others have created the beauty that is QQ's amazing wardrobe in all of these blog photos.

I was bowled over by how many hand-me-downs were still waiting in the basement - waiting for another season, and/or waiting for her to grow into them. I couldn't believe what a wealth of beautiful things she still had to wear.

That, my friends, was the turning point for my poor, overtaxed mommy-brain. I instantly lost track of who had sent us what.

So, my point is, if I have been posting pictures lately without attributing the gorgeous outfits, well...now you know why. I want to. I really do. I am just hopelessly lost at this point.

So, my question for today is: WHO GAVE US THIS DRESS????

I love this dress. We all love this dress. It is stunning, and it fits and suits QQ like a glove. But I no longer remember who to thank. If you are responsible for this gorgeous dress, please pipe up and tell us.

Thank you - The Management.


Maia said...

Oh, that's one of mine - via Linda and Emme Lu! It's wonderful, isn't it? It was definitely one of my favorites, but I only could barely squeeze FF into it a few times before I passed it on. Love, love, love it! And it looks fantastic on Ms. QQ!

kris said...

it's beautiful, and should feel the need to unburden yourself of any of that LOAD... well... I'm sure baby E would sport some of QQ clothes quite nicely :O)

we've decided to adopt a boy second time around and we NAMED him already too- his name rhymes with your daughter's :O)