Our Town

In the interest of demystifying the dentist's office, my husband and I took Q to along to a recent family teeth-cleaning. Our dentist's office - rather stark and elegant, as you can see, is located in a section of Denver known as the Golden Triangle.
If you're wondering where the lovely soft-focus filter came from, it's steak grease. You heard me right, steak grease. The other night at dinner, the munchkin saw fit to plop my Coolpix facedown on a plate of freshly-grilled steak that we'd set in front of her during a recent dinner. It has mucked up the works a bit, but with the application of a little rubbing alcohol, it still serves its purpose.
Nearby in the Golden Triangle is one of my favorite stores in all of Denver - a modern/contemporary design venue called Kartell.
I know this isn't everyone's taste, but it's like catnip for us. Good thing we can't afford anything in the joint! (As you can see, Eames' classic rocker design was an instant hit with QQ. We had to physically remove her from its embrace. Is this nature or nurture? Hmmmmmm....

This lamp belongs in the lair of a mad scientist, no? Again, I realize this might not necessarily be a "plus" in everyone's book, but...we're crazy like that.
Nothing makes you forget a dental visit more quickly than a good design shop.


Virginia and Doug said...

I have to admit there is something very appealing in those shapes and in the simplicity. I LOVE the bunny rocker in one of the photos.


Vivian M said...

Very interesting! Especially the mad scientist's lamp ;o)