pretty in pink(s)

Pretty beaded shoes from a friend. QQ will need to grow in to these a bit, but they're so pretty I had to post them. At the rate she's growing, shouldn't be long till she can wear them!
Chillaxin' at Starbucks after her 18-mos checkup....which was stellar. She's been pronounced a healthy, happy, well-developed and astute little girl who is very attached to her parents.

btw, can't help but brag a little - QQ learned to drink from a cup (a china cup, at that!...a china cup with kitty ears on the rim and a kitty face painted at the bottom, which Mommy couldn't resist buying at the Asian grocery the other day) last night on Eater Sunday. It was only her second time trying, and she only spilled once before getting it right! Yes, I do have photos....but I'm so very far behind on my photos at the moment that I don't even have room to download them yet.


Snowflowers Mum said...

Dude...your QQ is rockin' the converse!

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Vivian M said...

Beautiful shoes, and great news!