Gifts from the north

Yesterday QQ received a package from our friends Vivian and Kerri in Canada. Vivian and Kerri have been long-distance friends since early on in the adoption journey (I still wear - and Q loves to play with - the sweet adoption bracelet that Viv sent me during the worst part of the wait!).
There were many lovely things in the package, but what Q ended up donning was a set of Chinese cotton pjs. Doesn't she look perfect in them? There were two pairs (she's carrying the pink and lavender ones in the first photo).
Again, you can see how fond QQ is of her balls. We had a dog once who used to try to stuff as many tennis balls in his mouth as he could fit, stretching his cheeks to the bursting, in the interest of having ALL the tennis balls at the dogpark to himself. QQ has a bit of the same sensibility. She will carry as many of her balls around as she can hold at any given time. She's also getting quite good at throwing.
How cute is this outfit? Thanks, Viv and Kerri!


Vivian M said...

Awwww, QQ looks lovely in the blue set. And you are most welcome!
Your post reminded me of when we first brought Kerri home, she loved to play with our dog's toys, and vice versa. We miss that pooch.

A Beautiful Mess said...

Love the pic of QQ in the chair...and of course any picture that she is smiling in!~

Juliette said...

She is lovely in these PJ.
But she always is!

Virginia and Doug said...

Those pjs on your QQ...stunning and so sweet.
Gin =)

Yoli said...

Vivian has great taste, those Pjs are lovely!