Spring green

OK, so I've been uploading photos on to the blog at such an insane rate lately that I already had to buy extra photo storage. Has that ever happened to you? Did you know it COULD happen? (I didn't). Then you don't blog as much as I do. Yes, all the photos on all my blogs exceeded the really rather large amount of free storage you get when you set up a blog (or four) with a host like Blogger. So I had to buy more. It doesn't cost a great deal, but it was a bit of a wakeup call. I'd just been blogging in blogger la-la land, completely oblivious to how deep I was getting.
So...I've decided it's time to change my format and start collaging a bit more. That way I can fit two or three photos into each stored image. From now on, if you want to see the picture close-up, you'll have to click on it.
The weather had been nice (though - and it makes me wince even to say this - we're supposed to get ANOTHER winter storm this weekend. A mother of a storm, as they say out here. Possibly a foot and a half of snow.
*******This is insane!!!!************
I'm sorry, but it's ridiculous. It would have been normal at our old home in Vail, sure. Totally normal...at 8,500 feet. We wouldn't have batted an eye at a storm like this in mid-April in ski country. But here in mild, flower-strewn Denver? Madness!!!!
We've already lost our famous "cherry blossom season" after which our Cherry Creek was named (they're actually crabapples, hence the gorgeous deep-pink of our annual bloom) to late snows and bitter temps, and now we're going to lose the tulips and daffodils as well. People, I just planted four bags of new bulbs last fall!! I want to cry. I am on official protest as of now!)
Ahem, as I was saying...the weather has been nice, and QQ and I have been spending a lot of time at the parks. QQ is currently obsessed with slides, stairs and ladders. She can scale the metal stairs on a play structure faster than you can say "emergency room", which scares the crap outta me....although I have to admit to being an eensy bit proud of my Danger Mouse!
She has at very least grasped the concept of holding onto the chains when the swing is going high. Every little bit of safety counts!
All of QQ's doctors and therapists have been thrilled with her natural talent for social interaction. She always approaches first, and she always wants to share. Many times, kids her age (not always so socially comfortable) are a bit put-off by her forwardness and direct gaze. But on this day, she met a friend who was willing to interact. Meet Micah...and they even had complimentary colors on (says the obsessive photographer)!
Micah was also fearless on the stairs, and they had a lot to talk about.
footnote: Let me just say that it's interesting that QQ is the exact opposite of my childhood-self. I was shy, introverted, and unwilling to make eye contact with strangers. I preferred the inner life, while QQ chooses social interaction at every opportunity. She will always wander away from a game or activity in order to meet and greet a newcomer. I find this curiously refreshing and delightful!
Notice that she wore her hat for at least most of this park visit? And I love her paddington-bear look with the hat down over her eyes.


monica said...

Do I detect a haircut on little miss Q? Or did I miss that post? Monica

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Monica, you are very astute! I trimmed (or attempted to trim) about a quarter-inch off the very back of QQ's hair about two weeks ago. She was growing a mullet - and a mullet looks pretty funny when you have duck-fuzz baby hair. She seemed like she was going to comply for about the first twenty seconds, and then she got manic on me. So, it's not perfect by any stretch, but it really cleaned up the back of her neck. It made all the difference, to my eye.

Yoli said...

She looks adorable in her beautiful clothes and hat. I was not a social child, detested anyone invading my space.Would be very territorial. I have turned around as an adult to the point that I do not even recognize that aspect of myself. My kids are social with Mr.Man being the biggest ham machine.

So what new haircuts do you envision for the Q as she gets older? Will you let her hair grow to her waist or will you give her a pixie cut? She has such a lovely face.

Michele said...

I like the collages. I need to figure out how to do that. And I just saw your forecast for the storm on the morning news. My sympathies. Hopefully it will all disappear fast.

J said...

Maia, can you tell me how to make those collages??

Cavatica said...

BB is similar in social situations and I like you were. It is nice to be with a little one so socially comfortable. I'm still shy and BB is a great in. How do they do it?

QQ and Micah look adorable together!

Carrie said...

Love the monkey we have one too!

kris said...

god what i'd give for even an ounce of this child's SPIRIT!! we all need some dosing of Flynn in some measure, don't we? i am so glad you continue to share her with us here Maia. I am not often on the computer anymore, but when i come into bloglines to see "25 posts" from you, I sit down and am READY (yes, it's that long between visits and you are a voracious uploader!). By the way... you ARE considering passing along some of these most adorable outfits for future little E's, right? Ha. God she is cute.