What's making me happy today

Mike put up new shelves during our snowy weekend...and they're making me inordinately happy!
They really smarten up the livingroom. Funny how much difference a little adjustment can make.
This is also our belated attempt to "babyproof" all our low bookshelves which have, for years now, been cluttered with the oddities and objéts we collect.
Of course, it's far too late. QQ reached the height where she can clear anything and everything off of the top of any one of our bookshelves whenever she pleases. Fortunately, no harm came of it. She does occasionally confiscate and hide something that strikes her fancy, but nothing has been broken or swallowed.
Oh, and she can reach at least the bottom two of these shelves from the couch, too. So it's purely academic. But they really do look great...and it's fun to arrange and rearrange our little collections.
M's favorite coffee cup.

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kris said...

wow, i need Mike to come smarten up MY living space! they look fantastic. that cup is pretty groovy too :O)