A clever woman

Doing something from Medea, I think. Don't worry, that's just spaghetti sauce on her shirt, not the blood of her hapless relatives. She just took advantage of the scene and ran with it.
Certainly Euripedes, wouldn't you say?
Aeschylus at the very least, circa maybe 450 bc? ...Though, come to think of it, this particular scene could as easily be from Hamlet. Out, out damned spot!!
But I'm still going with Euripedes. What do you think?
Does this not smack of a woman scorned? Rending her garments and all?

"Flow backward to your sources, sacred rivers,
And let the world's great order be reversed.
It is the thoughts of men that are deceitful,
Their pledges that are loose..."

Can't you just hear it?
Anyone? No?
Well, if you were neither an English major, a Classics major, nor a Drama major, just ignore me. All I'm saying, she's got quite the flare for theater when the mood takes her.


Vivian M said...

I think Yoli is going to love this post!

sarahthefantastic said...

She never fails to surprise or entertain! Where does all this drama come from, I wonder? YY also has a flair for it and sometimes makes me think she's a reincarnated Chinese opera star.

Love the pants.

Yoli said...

I love this post! But I think given all that tomato sauce, she is all Seneca to me.