On the way back from our run the other day, we met Daddy and Sam at the playground for a romp. Q is obsessed with the playground these days, particularly slides. She will point out slides to me in photos, in picture books, and as we're passing playgrounds on the fly.
And of course, there's nothing like a playground with Daddy and Mommy both in attendance.
She always wants "up"...up the slide, up the ladder, up the monkey bars, up the stairs, and will launch herself upward with no fear whatsoever if you don't keep your hands on her at all times.
The catwalks cause her no hesitation either - absolutely no fear of heights or perilous perches.

These stairs are among her favorites, and she'll be off and hauling herself up them before you can blink. We have to keep a close eye. We don't hold her, but we do spot her very closely, because they're both steep and metal.
She even enjoyed the ring swing with daddy...look at the joy and exhileration on that face turned up to Daddy!
Sometimes we still slide her on our laps, mostly because we're doing our darndest to cling onto any vanishing vestige of babyhood. But she can and does do the slides on her own these days. It's all we can do to keep her out of the tall spiral ones.


Virginia and Doug said...

She makes intrepid exploration look so darn cute.

Gin =)

Yoli said...

I love seeing her with you guys. So much tenderness.