The future's so bright....

No, Denver doesn't look like this anymore. We are waiting out yet another wave of snow and bitter wind. Cruel joke after our ridiculously mild winter. All these flowers are history.
Do you think we'll get a "second wave"?
I would like to know which blizzard is the last blizzard, because last night's snow killed my first tulip that was trying to open. I am NOT happy!
Figuring out the shades.

Dirty little baby foot.
She loves her tattoos from kid's day at the art museum. She wants us to admire them over and over, until they are but tattered remains of their former glory.
Our little pixie-cut Audrey Hepburn.
Actually, it's not a haircut. She just has pixie hair. It has never grown any more than this...though her eyebrows seem to be growing by the day! The girl has some spectacular brows.


Vivian M said...

Kerri's hair took years to grow. I got tired of people asking if she was a boy so I dressed her in pink dresses and skirts - and still got the boy comments!

Virginia and Doug said...

Love,love,love the Johnny Cash t-shirt that QQ is rocking so adorably. And that looks like a purple leaf cherry. I have one and it smells heavenly when it first blooms.

Maia said...

FF has some amazing eyebrows as well. Maybe it's a Jiangsu thing. I always heard that Jiangsu girls are supposed to have long, lustrous hair, but maybe something got lost in translation and they were talking about eyebrows...