We have an answer!

The dress in that picture came from Maia (via Linda) and here's a picture of Maia with FangFang in that very dress (this is all very confusing to the uninitiated, because we're both Maia, and both our daughters came from Xuzhou - Sorry, Jiangsu province). Thanks, Maia and Linda! I think QQ has a bit more wear out of that one before she outgrows it, and I'm going to make the most of it!


Maia said...

My pleasure! I love to see QQ wearing things that FF (and often Emme Lu, too!) wore before her. A nice long chain of beautiful Jiangsu girls (FF's actually from Changzhou, but all three girls (FF, Emme Lu and QQ) are from Jiangsu!

Yoli said...

Tender photo and beautiful dress. Nice to see the other Maia and her lovely daughter.