Unending batallions of snow

The other morning, we woke up to snow once again. It's beginning to feel surreal, because it is so unlike Denver, and it has gone on for so long. Wave after wave...weekend after weekend of snow, long after our summer should have been well on its way.
My Sweet Williams have lived through it, as have my pansies, btw.
Faced with another crushing blow to our flower gardens, and another day to spend indoors by necessity, I decided I needed a project.
I've had a thing about birds lately...little songbirds. And in a spring snow, the songbirds seem - defiantly - to come out louder and in greater numbers of a morning. So I strapped on my big zoom lens, the one I haven't used in months, and started shooting. In my bare feet. In my pajamas. From the cold cement of the front stoop.

It was worth it though, don't you think?
The light, the bright breasts of the birds, the snow on the already-leafing branches of our apple tree...
This is the forlorn look on QQ's face when Mommy is outside and she's in.

Robin Redbreast.


Juliette said...

That sweet face is just perfect!
Your girl is getting more beautiful by the minutes.

Ty's Parents said...

I feel for you guys and all the snow! It is almost May, but then again, I remember when it snowed in June 15 years ago when I lived in CO!

I love birds, especially watching them eat and sing. We spend a lot of money feeding them. There is something simplistic about them. Great pictures!

Yoli said...

You just hit my love spot--birds. Those shots are lovely, I like the contrast with the snow. Let her out! Daddy said she could!

Natalie said...

Beautiful pictures... especially the one of darling when you're outside.