More hat tricks

I'm sorry, I'm helpless to stop myself from taking photos of QQ playing with hats!
Denver in bloom (Yes, these are still from that first bloom. The jury is still out on whether we'll get a second one...though I saw some tiny signs of maybe promise yesterday).
Danger Mouse and her Flat Mouse (recognize the mouse, Margriet?).

Gazing skyward. Ah....those were the days. Just a couple of weeks ago, must've been, though it feels like a distant memory now!

Drama mouse.
OK - it's time for me to come clean:
I know, I know - from these shots you'd think she's fashion-obsessed and dramatic by nature. But it isn't what it looks like. She could care less about her clothes or outfit. These photos are "taken out of context" by me because they make such a good image...but it's a false impression. She's not posing, she's doing tricks with the hat for herself in the mirror - letting it slide off the back of her head. Something about that cracks her up. I hate to ruin the illusion, because from the pictures you'd think she's such a fashion plate and a drama queen!
Nope. In reality, she's a tomboy with a closet full of gorgeous hand-me-downs that her mama loves to dress her up in.

See? It's just a circus trick. She loves to balance those hats and see at what point gravity takes them. She's a physicist at heart, not a fashion model.

Our happy girl! She makes me smile endlessly.


Vivian M said...

She may be a physicist at heart, but she is still beautiful!
And honestly, kids don't really care about what they are wearing at that age. Kerri loved to go naked if we let her. I say dress her up as much as you want - she will outgrow the clothes pretty quickly!

Yoli said...

Oh I am with Viv on this, dress her up to your heart's content girl. One day she will want to wear what she likes and that will be the end of that, so enjoy.