giddy with (late) spring

M. has the good fortune (or misfortune, if you hate working latenight) of going to work at 1 in the afternoon. This means that we sometimes (depending on his study load for school, and/or his level of exhaustion) have time to do something fun as a family during the first half of the day.
As spring makes its timid forays into this late and stormy winter, we took advantage of a balmy morning to make another dash to the playground.
I love the open joy on QQ's face when she's flying high.

And also when she's on the loose.
Allowed, after some discussion, to climb the stair on her own this time (with one of us hovering nervously on each side, might I add!)
She did great! And showed not a glimmer of fear when she got to the top of the slide.
Nooooooooooo problem!
Look, mumum...no hands!
QQ's main problem at the playground is that her sun hat is constantly slipping down over her eyes. Blame that strong, unfiltered Colorado sun!
Just look at the eagerness on her face! This is the Q at the top of the big-kids' swirly slide for the very first time. No fear, pure thrill. This is both our joy and the bane of our emotional lives, her utter lack of trepidation.
Daddy went down with her the first time, just to make sure. She thought this was a bit too much precaution, but she went easy on us.
Honking Daddy's nose. "Honk! Hoooooooonk!"
Tulips, finally in full bloom in our neighborhood gardens. Can you feel my sigh of relief?


kris said...

oh she makes me want to come out and play!!

Yoli said...

I like the little yellow flower she holds while on the swing. Too sweet.