Backtracking again...

...or, GOOD GRIEF - I am SO in the weeds!!!!I have so many dozens of photos waiting in line to upload onto the blog, and I just can't possibly erase any of them. I am also overwhelmed with both work and parenting. So I'm doing my level best to keep up...but my very best is not so very good.

In any case, this is what we did on our last snowday, just before the snow began to melt (we hope) for good:
We went for Saturay brunch as a family to Brasserie Felix, on of the more recent additions to our neighborhood restaurant scene.
It was dangerously close to QQ's naptime (which means it was dangerously close to manic overload for our kiddo). Fortunately for everyone involved (and I mean everyone), they had paper tablecloths over the linen. And, they had crayons.
I was able to indulge in my first really genuine salade nicoise in a long, long time...
...and we had the privilege of watching QQ eat her very first (and second, and third, and fourteenth) french fry. I am glad that her first was in a French bistro, rather than at McD's.
She also very much enjoyed feeding frites to Daddy.

And coloring on the tablecloth.

She's just beginning to recognize her own name when we write it. She now pounds on her own chest when we point it out to her, which is pretty adorable!
One of her many "looks".
Getting close to Daddy.
A good way to spend a snowy Saturday morning as a family.


Juliette said...

Nicoise! I think I know what I am going to have for lunch today...yum yum.
Hope for you the snow is really gone. It's raining here today but the weekend was gorgeous and next one should be too.

kris said...

Hope it's melted for good~! Love the idea of her pounding her own chest, that must be adorable~!

Carrie said...

Your daughter is so cute I could look at a ton of pictures of her everyday-thanks for sharing!

Yoli said...

That tender look she gives her father is priceless.