Spring, or winter?

We have been teased with little bouts of spring, followed by repeated, heavy, punishing reprieves of winter for what feels like months now.
And yes.
It snowed again.
Last night.
Five or six inches.
On all my pretty flower boxes.
This time, the weather channels didn't even have it on the radar.
So it's been a little tricky to juggle QQ's wardrobe so as to keep her comfortable through the climate's mood changes. QQ gets chilled easily, fast and without warning.
As you can see, a few trees did manage to put forth a few lovely blossoms. But these are closeups, and the bloom is very sparse.
If you could have seen this very same tree last year, you would have been amazed at the difference, the full, blousy luxuriance of bloom that covered it like icing on a wedding cake.
Still, when the sun shines and warms the ground, the neighborhood still manages to look almost springlike.
A sleepy QQ (I took her out a little to close to naptime) contemplating her first dandelion.

A neighbor's tulips poking through the snow. This is what my poor red tulips look like this morning.


sarahthefantastic said...

Can't believe you've been hit with snow again! It was super hot here today, all this way north.
Hey! These are the first pictures with QQ sucking her fingers. Does she always do that? (YY is a middle two fingers, pointer up the nose girl.) ANyway, too sweet with the sleepy look at the dandelion. xoxo

A Beautiful Mess said...

seriously snow again! I usually am insanely jealous of your location....but with snow coming every other week I guess I should stay in NC....where it is H O T!

The Wanderers' Daughter said...

Sarah, she puts those two fingers in her mouth only when she's very, very sleepy. But yes, it is a standard pattern for her.

Maryellen, honestly, I'd almost trade places with you right now!! I could use a bit of summer heat to put the bloom back in my cheeks! Though in truth, I wilt a bit in extreme heat. I need a temperate climate!

M@rgriet said...

When I told my mother about this late snow that keeps surprising you, she reminded me of our visit to Bryce Canon (about 100 years ago). We woke up to a white world... on the 29th of May or so!

sarahthefantastic said...

Interesting about QQ's finger sucking! One of YY's treatment team said she thought children with clefts do this more often than others because they have more of a need to suck, not having necessarily nursed or used bottles. I think they look so sweet and peaceful with some fingers in and a dreamy look in their eyes. It's a very handy comfort source!